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    For the business owner ready to implement key strategies and concepts with the right guidance and support.

    We Are Anything But Typical®


    BGW provides business advisory and certified public accounting services to support growth in the value of private, closely held businesses.

    Our mission is simple

    We will help you achieve your goals, whatever they are. Our dedicated team and proprietary service delivery process are designed to help you take your business, and your life, anywhere you want it to go. Quality, integrity, responsiveness, and uncompromising professionalism are our core values.

    When you become part of our client family, we will work to exceed your expectations. We will deliver more tangible value than we charge in professional fees. That is our promise.

    What truly sets us apart from other accounting firms? BGW CPA, PLLC utilizes EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that assist entrepreneurs in completing their missions. EOS® helps us to visualize our goals, execute our vision, and build our leadership team. Everyone is on the same page, and we stay focused on what matters. EOS® has allowed us to identify four very unique aspects of our firm culture:

    About Us

    1. We are relationship oriented, not transaction oriented. Say goodbye to everything you know about accountants being passive and reactionary. We are the exact opposite.
    2. We think like business owners. We are business people first and accountants second. It’s as simple as that.
    3. We listen to you. Our mission is to fully understand your goals and help you realize them. Whatever goals you have, provided they are legal, we’ll get you there.
    4. We envision a different kind of accounting. We like to say we’re not your average accountants. We’re certain you’ll soon discover why.

    The world is a vast ocean of possibilities. So why do we stick so close to the same beach where everyone else is swimming? Why not explore uncharted depths and undiscovered shores?

    Whether we are talking about the ocean or our finances, too many people go the usual route rather than venturing out and doing what works best for them.

    At BGW, we don't care what everyone else is doing; we care about you, your needs, and being among the best CPA firms in Charlotte, NC and beyond. That means being a different kind of accounting firm, offering a different approach and different kind of service. Clients who are willing to venture off the beaten path and give us a try never look back.

    Closely-held and family businesses are our business. We combine southern hospitality with unwavering professionalism to serve your needs. Why work with one of those same ol', same ol' firms that treats you like a number on a file rather than a valued client whose business is worth getting to know?

    Humans, not Numbers

    BGW looks at our clients and sees people, not profits; we see businesses, not bottom lines. We center our firm around being relationship-oriented rather than transaction-oriented.

    That's a lot of words, but what do they mean? They mean we listen to you. That shouldn't be revolutionary, but in a world of cookie-cutter accounting experiences, listening to our clients and building relationships is anything but typical. If you are used to passive, reactionary accountants who never seem to understand your needs, you've found something better at BGW.

    Business-Minded Accounting

    Business minded accounting

    Yes, we serve businesses. We think about what businesses need and how to optimize their accounting strategies. But when we talk about business-minded accounting, we are referring to our approach to running our firm.

    We think like business owners because we have been business owners ourselves. That means valuing customer service. We are business people first and accountants second. You benefit from our understanding of what it's like to own and run a company. That's what has led to our focus on the client experience.

    Too many accountants think that the only thing that matters is the numbers. We know that the entire experience matters—proactivity, responsiveness, and availability, alongside an encyclopedic understanding of business accounting and taxes. Yes, you really can have it all. And BGW is the place to find it.


    It's not just something we scream during a soccer game. You and your goals are critical to our relationship. Part of our mission is understanding your goals and helping you reach them. As long as they are legal, we will do everything possible to get you there.

    Because we take a proactive approach to accounting, we aren't just reacting to your choices. We know where you want to be and suggest strategies to get you there. Our deep understanding of your path also helps us point out potential pitfalls so you can ensure your strategy won't lead you astray. We help you enact a plan that leads to smooth sailing ahead.

    The Big 4

    The big four

    When people hear the term "The Big Four" when referencing accounting, they think of the four massive U.S. accounting firms known by this moniker. These behemoths have been doing things the same way for decades. They may be too big to fail, but that doesn't mean they can't fail you as a client.

    When we talk about The Big Four, we are referring to the four biggest reasons so many companies churn through accounting firms. They hire someone, end up disappointed, fire them, and move on to the next company. But too often, they find more of the same—same problems, same frustrations. That's because most accounting firms follow the same processes and have the same culture. The only thing different is the sign out front.

    So, what are these Big Four problems? Here are the four common accounting firm problems that BGW strives to help you avoid:

    1. IRSurprise

    You are busy handling your business's day-to-day stresses and the long-term vision for your closely-held company. Everything seems to be going well. Revenues are up. You've hired an incredible team. Things are looking rosy. Right up until you are slammed with an unexpected bill. Isn't that part of what your accounting firm is supposed to help you avoid?

    Sometimes, that nasty bill comes from Uncle Sam. Your CPA didn't ask the right questions or understand your business as well as it should have. They missed something, and now you are paying the price. Literally.

    With thoughtful planning, you could have implemented a tax strategy that kept things more manageable. In cases where that wasn't possible, your accounting team should have at least alerted you to the impending expense. Instead, you are facing budget chaos, cash shortfalls, or—worse still—penalty expenses.

    On top of messing with your relationship with your least favorite Uncle, some CPA firms are the source of another nasty surprise. When you get the bill from your accountant, if you are experiencing sticker shock, you've fallen prey to one of the Big Four. Your bill shouldn't be a surprise. If you pay more for accounting services than you receive in value, it's time to find a new firm.

    BGW will check with you throughout the year. If your tax situation changes, we will know ahead of time and help you pivot accordingly, whether that means adjusting your quarterly payments, your tax strategy, or your expectations. You should never be surprised by your tax bill or total tax obligation for the year. If that's happened to you, you're working with the wrong accountant. It's time to jump ship and sail over to BGW.

    BGW presents our fees first with each engagement. That's the bottom line, and it stays the bottom line. We will never charge you even one cent more unless you add additional services to our agreement and agree up front to a change in price. Yes, we said it—never. Not ever. That means you can budget for our services and feel confident that the number is the number.

    2. Fee-Fear

    You've got a question about your finances or taxes. Do you hesitate to pick up the phone and call your accounting team? Too many business owners have been burned by a quick phone call that turns into an extra bill. It can make them distrustful of their accountants and anxious about reaching out. But isn't the main reason you have an accountant so that they can help you with your accounts? You shouldn't have to pay extra for them to do their job.

    If you need to call us with a question, we won't pull a lawyer-style billing where your 10-minute question incurs a fee. Call, email, heck–send up a smoke signal. We love hearing from you in whatever form works for you. And we will never charge more for being asked to do our job. Extra connections aren't extra at all. They are part of our commitment to service and client relationships.

    3. The Ol’ Switcheroo

    Some accountants have too much in common with some politicians. They are full of promises during campaign season, but things change once they have your business or your vote. Nobody likes this bait-and-switch.

    With us, what you see is what you get. We are at least as responsive after you sign on the dotted line as we are when trying to earn your business. It's not about recruiting you; it's about retaining you through above-and-beyond service.

    You will have specific team members assigned to your account. They will get to know your business, and you'll get to know them. We never present the A-team and then sub in the bench to service your account. What—and who—you see is what you get.

    4. Ghosted

    The last of the Big Four is the circus act: The Amazing Disappearing Accountant. Those crickets you hear? That's the sound of your accountant ignoring you. It should never happen, but it's an all-too-common experience with typical firms.

    You commit to an accountant. When you need them, they aren't there for you. You want them to be proactive and anticipate your needs. Not only do you not get that, but you can't even get them to return an email in a timely manner.

    For us, tax planning is an ongoing process. That means you'll hear from us—a lot. We will check in to see how everything is going, learn about changes in your business that might change your tax picture, and ensure you have everything you need. We are committed to year-round involvement with our clients.

    Even when we aren't reaching out to you, we are happy to hear from you if you have a question or if something about your situation changes. We want to know so we can evaluate options and make necessary changes to your strategy.

    Avoid the Big Four reasons accountants fail their clients. Choose a CPA business that does things differently. Better accounting firm, better results. You can rely on our commitment to our clients. We will work tirelessly to ensure you always have the correct tax and accounting strategies in place.

    Most CPA firms in Charlotte, NC are business as usual. BGW isn't afraid to make waves. We'll do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. Welcome to a different way of accounting.


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