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    We are a CPA firm who is

    Anything But Typical

    What exactly makes BGW

    Different, Diverse, Atypical, Awesome?

    It’s our people. We’re business people first, accountants second. We love our jobs, and we have fun doing them. And, it’s our processes, which we build around the main reasons other CPAs get fired.

    We’ll be honest with you: We’re not for everyone. In fact, if you can positively affirm the following about your current CPA, you should probably stay right where you are:

    • My CPA firm cares if I’m successful. It looks out for me and brings ideas to the table that help me make money, save money, and stay out of trouble. 
    • My CPA firm gets me, my goals and what I’m trying to accomplish, my company, and my industry. They’ve been in business before just like me.
    • My CPA firm is there for me -- responsive to calls and emails -- and is approachable (even firm partners talk to me), answering each of my questions without secretly racking up charges like an attorney and surprising me with a bill.
    • I don’t get surprised by tax bills, and I pay my CPA less in fees than I receive in value.

    Again, if that sounds like your CPA firm, by all means, stay put. But, if it doesn’t, let’s talk

    The BIG 4 reasons CPAs get fired

    big41 1
    Unexpected surprises on my bill or from the IRS

    Surprises are great but not when they concern your money. At BGW, our fees are presented first with each engagement, and we won’t charge you a penny more unless you opt for an additional service and agree to the price up front. Ever. 

    And, because we’ll be checking in with you throughout the year, never again will you be surprised by a tax bill at the end of the year.

    No offense to our friends in law, but charging for our extra time is just not what we do. Have a question? Call us, or send us an email -- as many times as you want to. We love hearing from you, and we’ll never charge you for those extra connections.

    big42 1
    Afraid to call for fear I’ll get billed like an attorney
    Big43 1
    Fell in love with the A team but a year later all I got was the C team

    It’s the old bait and switch, and we don’t like it either. When you become a client, we carefully select the right members from our team to serve you and help you grow your business. You’ll have their phone numbers, their email addresses, and you’ll meet with them regularly throughout the year. Our executive team remains as engaged with you as our staff accountants.

    Good news: With us you get both.

    Remember when we said to call or email us? We promise to get back with you within 1 business day.  Be prepared to hear from us a lot, too. We consider tax planning to be a continuous process, and our Proven Process is built upon year- round involvement and client feedback. We’re just never out of touch for long.

    big44 1
    Would love proactivity but would settle for responsiveness

    At BGW, we have designed our Proven Process to, above all, avoid The BIG 4. It’s the reason we defined it.

    We are not perfect, but
    we strive to be.

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    It doesn’t have to be this way.



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