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    For the business owner ready to implement key strategies and concepts with the right guidance and support.


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    At BGW, we believe the best person to lead your business is you.

    When it comes to running a business, knowledge and proactivity are critical elements to success. That’s why we share our knowledge and best practices so openly -- so you can move confidently toward your goals.

    Inside The Vault, you’ll find articles, how-to guides, and even live support from peer groups and our team on issues most pressing to your business and your life. From start-up to succession, through working life and retirement, BGW is here for you.

    Unlock The Vault.

    Benefits of The Vault

    Enjoy truly original content while getting to know us.

    Whether you’re reading our blogs, listening to our podcasts, or participating in a webinar, we’re certain you’ll find our personality shining through. We think that’s important. Every unstoppable partnership starts off with a strong connection. You’ll get “that feeling” about us here.

    Access in-depth analysis and hard-to-find answers in a language you can truly understand.

    If you find other tax, accounting, and business advisory resources akin to reading an old set of stereo instructions, you’re not alone. They tend to be confusing and wrought with legalese. The Vault is different. We provide simple, to-the-point messaging and guidance that inspires action.

    Empowering YOU

    Multiple access levels to meet your needs.

    Every aspect of The Vault is free for current BGW Proven Process and Proven Process Lite clients. 

    If you're not a Proven Process or Proven Process Lite client, please see below ,


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    Getting your feet wet

    If you’re curious about BGW and want to know us better, start here. Level 1 offers free access to our award-winning blog, our weekly interactive webinars, and our podcasts -- where we interview business owners just like you and don’t cover taxes or accounting at all.

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