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    Episode 027: 2020 Highlight Episode #2
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    Episode 027: 2020 Highlight Episode #2

    December 2020

    Looking back again on 2020, we have 6 more amazing guests to highlight.

    Jeffrey Gitomer, The King of Sales, lectures on the importance of putting your focus on what matters instead of getting caught up with the color of your logo or what font you use in a holiday card. Daniel McCollum differentiates between going all in on a niche and having a plan B. Jeni Bukolt shares her second favorite F word, failure. Chris Elmore shares his process that allows him to create an immense amount of writing content. Stacy Cassio shares the value of the fresh eyes and the issue with most corporate mentorship programs. Jeff Wolfberg talks about how important it is to be a cheerleader once your business gets to a certain size.

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