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    Episode 029: 2020 Highlight #3
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    Episode 029: 2020 Highlight #3

    January 2021

    Looking back again at Anything But Typical's 2020, we're sharing more highlights from our guests. Mac Lackey talks about looking at talent differently, and how it isn't a bad thing to have authentic and open conversations about your employee's future after working for you. Colin Pinkney gives us permission to fail and encourages us to do so. Hilary Porta guides us on how we can learn ourselves to create the future we want. David Privitera harps on the importance of who you surround yourself with and discusses Bottom Up Leadership. Erin  Connair discusses how she handles goal setting and how different timelines achieve different results. Greg Barnes takes us through his early lessons as an entrepreneur and how we can learn from what he's lived.

    Enjoy another lookback on 2020 and be sure to check out the show at

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