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    Episode 030: Fourth & Final 2020 Highlight
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    Episode 030: Fourth & Final 2020 Highlight

    February 2021

    As a final lookback on Anything But Typical's 2020, we have our 4th highlight episode. Vanessa Vaughn Mathews discusses being willing to share struggles and help each other over our business hurdles. Mark Linsz shares the power of giving and receiving feedback. Michelle Tunno Buelow dives in to using a business to give back, create a positive impact, and how to bring your customers in the experience with you. Nick & Gio Gallo go into laying the foundation of a culture in doing the right thing and doing things the right way. Spencer Lueders gets tactical on leading an organization through empowerment and serving those within the company. And our own Gary Frey shares a story about impactful leaders in his career and how important highlighting your team members can be.

    Thank you again for an amazing 2020 and all of the support. be sure to check out for more clips from past episodes.

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