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    Episode 061: Biohacking and Solving The Problems of the Pandemic with Dr. Mike Estramonte

    April 2022

    Mike Estramonte started his first business at 14 when he and a buddy began painting barns in Upstate New York. Estramonte become a chiropractor and went into business. Today, Dr. Estramonte is the CEO of Starmount Healthcare, a healthcare management company supporting practices with services such as human resources, recruiting, accounting, and more.

    In this episode, we talk about how Estramonte took a jackhammer to his garage floor and built a 6 foot deep cold plunge. We dive into what he is doing to maintain his health and biohacking through things like sauna and red light therapy.

    When it comes to business, the story we discuss about how Starmount pivoted during the pandemic to be a major player in COVID testing is unbelievably impressive. Dr. Estramonte also shares how he hired 6 former Navy Seals to help with the organization, planning, and execution of testing throughout the state.

    Be sure to connect with Dr. Estramonte on LinkedIn.

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