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    Episode 047: Blazing the Charlotte Culinary Path with Joe & Katy Kindred

    September 2021

    Can you imagine a typical restauranteur stating, “We’re in the people business. 95% = people. 5% = food & booze.”

    Joe & Katy Kindred are hardly typical restaurateurs. They are "anything but typical" in so many ways.

    If you’ve been to either of their restaurants, “Kindred” or “Hello, Sailor,” you know that there has to be something to their non-traditional approach. Their food is exceptional, the ambiance is unique, and the service is attentive.

    Given the challenges of 2020 & 2021 that have impacted so many businesses (especially the restaurant & hospitality industries), building upon solid foundations while being nimble enough to pivot has been critical.

    If you love learning from others who have navigated such challenges well, this episode of the Anything But Typical podcast is for you.

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