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    Episode 034: The Blend of Visionary & Integrator
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    Episode 034: The Blend of Visionary & Integrator

    March 2021

    What happens when a business grows beyond its current capacity? Jackrabbit Cofounder Mark Mahoney talks about the growing pains of 20-30 employees. He was wearing significantly more hats than he should.

    Finally, Mark and Jackrabbit brought in COO Darin Soll. Darin and Mark complemented each other and allowed each to do what they enjoyed the most and were best at. Their roles were defined as Visionary and Integrator. In this episode, Mark and Darin share what their business structure is, what a Visionary and Integrator actually do, and how this change allowed the company to flourish. 

    This is a must listen for anybody looking to provide structure, consistency, and growth to their company!

    Check out Jackrabbit on their website, connect and follow Mark and Darin on LinkedIn. And head over to for past episodes and clips.

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