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    107: How to Rebound From Losing Everything: Bob Williams
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    107: How to Rebound From Losing Everything: Bob Williams

    January 2024



    “When you don’t have a choice…the one thing you do get to choose is who you get to do it with, so don’t do it alone.” Robert F Williams

    In the 1990s, when financial deals & payouts came easy, Bob’s life looked like a page from a storybook: beautiful family, a booming investment business, and thousands of successful deals.

    But his story, like any good one, contained a plot twist: Struggling with frequent travel away from his family, Bob lost everything when a trusted entrepreneur made off with millions he’d personally invested & encouraged others to invest. The suspect then died, dodging all accountability. Bob was crushed financially & his zest for life was destroyed.

    Thankfully, another plot twist was coming in the form of a good friend who wouldn’t let Bob “do it alone.” He got him back into business & life.

    Now for the ultimate surprise: Bob did the same for podcast host Gary Frey years later when his troubles came. He is his good friend, & we’re so excited for you to meet him.

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