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    Episode 004: Bottom Up Leadership and Business Planning- CEO David Privitera

    February 2020

    A young David Privitera happened in to the construction industry. Having a tangible result from projects caught his interest and kept the pursuit for more opportunities alive. So when David was moved from Western New York to Charlotte, NC for a potentially great opportunity, he was ready for the challenge. Today, David is the President and CEO of Concorde Construction Company. T

    his episode takes us through David's journey, the hurdles he's faced, and lessons he's learned along the way. He shares why Concorde's 3 Words are Execution, Communication, and People. David goes in depth on flipping the pyramind structure you see in most businesses and having "bottom up leadership". His examples as a leader show how David is truly there to serve those in the company and those working with Concorde Construction. Find David and reach out to him on LinkedIn. Check out Concorde Construction, and be sure to look in to and support The ROC Charlotte Nonprofit, of which David is a board member. Please subscribe, share, and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform. 

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