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    081: Branding & Merchandise for Your Business with Scott Dunstan
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    081: Branding & Merchandise for Your Business with Scott Dunstan

    January 2023




    Scott Dunstan, Owner & President at The Dunstan Group, has helped businesses utilize custom apparel and promotional merchandise to build their brands for years. So, it may come as no surprise that when they started a podcast, they named it the Brand Builders Podcast. Scott talks with us about how they go about understanding their audience. Figuring out budgets and goals of companies, then executing branding plans to accomplish those goals. Dunstan takes us into his mindset and shares how he tries to personify honesty and doing good for the community. Scott also discusses how they've used the podcast to add more value, engage more with clients and community, and build their own brand.

    Be sure to follow Brand Builders Podcast, check out The Dunstan Group, and connect with Scott on LinkedIn.


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