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    098: Buying a Plane to Get Around Your Noncompete with Brian Anders
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    098: Buying a Plane to Get Around Your Noncompete with Brian Anders

    September 2023





    “Have the courage to suck.” – Brian K. Anders

    That’s uncommon advice coming from an engineer, but not every engineer has a heart like Brian. Nor do they have his experience.

    Brian gained his grit loading trucks at night to pay for school & his passion for client service watching his wife change lives as a private investigator. He rejected corporate life to relentlessly pursue his dream job in forensic engineering, despite having no previous experience in it.

    We don’t use the word relentlessly lightly. Brian used a supply closet as an office & showed up to job sites without the promise of pay just for the chance to be helpful & prove himself.

    His willingness to try & fail, combined with the question, “How do I add more value?”, propelled him both then and now.

    Today, Brian’s forensic engineering companies serve clients in 49 states & 5 countries. He is a valuable, one-of-a-kind resource to all he serves. In this episode, Brian shares lessons learned along the way and plenty of entertaining stories!

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