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    Episode 007: Building a Winning Culture - Founder & CEO Jeni Bukolt
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    Episode 007: Building a Winning Culture - Founder & CEO Jeni Bukolt

    April 2020

    Jeni Bukolt created Haven Creative, a multimedia marketing agency, in 2012. Jeni started the business like most do, with a laptop and figuring things out by herself as she went. Haven Creative has morphed in to a leader of creating communities using branding and digital marketing. And she certainly is not figuring things out by herself anymore.

    Jeni has created a culture inside Haven Creative that rivals any business out there. She is intentional about everything within her company. In this episode, we dive in to the "why" behind brands, how their 5 values have led to creating a winning culture, and mistakes made around building the right culture. We also go deep on tactical advice for branding. Jeni shares about her "8 to Great Maven Method". Enjoy this episode packed with information and authenticity! Find Jeni on LinkedIn and check out Haven Creative on their Web Site.

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