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    Episode 032: Buying 2 Companies in a Week- Ben McDonald
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    Episode 032: Buying 2 Companies in a Week- Ben McDonald

    February 2021

    What would it take for you to leave your current situation and take a leap into a new and exciting venture? This episode, Ben is thrown into the hot seat as Gary interviews him. In a matter of 10 days, Ben has announced becoming an owner of BGW Wealth as well as Crossfit Huntersville. 

    Gary takes Ben through his entrepreneurship journey of starting a company in college, handling employees for the first time, navigating an exit, and buying businesses. Ben shares mistakes, low points, and lessons throughout the episode. He also goes into his transition from running a successful financial advising office to owning and operating a wealth management firm. 

    As you listen, ask yourself what things you would need in your life to make a change? What are those "must haves" that are important in your life? 

    Be sure to check out BGW Wealth, and follow Ben on LinkedIn and @BenMcDonaldNC on Instagram.

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