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    Episode 087: Retired U.S. Army Pilot, Shark Tank Star, and CEO Revolutionizing the Laundry Industry
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    Episode 087: Retired U.S. Army Pilot, Shark Tank Star, and CEO Revolutionizing the Laundry Industry

    April 2023




    As a Blackhawk helicopter pilot stationed in South Korea in the late ‘90s, Chris Videau took off for an R&R weekend with his buddies in search of a little fun and relaxation.

    What he found turned out to be his life’s calling.

    Instead of white sands and glistening water, the Army veteran instead found a horribly polluted beach, littered with plastic waste that had been discarded in the China Sea.

    This was nothing like the beaches back home.

    Chris never forgot that image or that ruined weekend, and years later in Iraq, watching tons of plastic waste literally go up in flames as U.S. troops sought to eliminate their trash, Chris’ next step became abundantly clear

    He was going to dedicate the next phase of his life to eliminating plastic waste.

    But how?

    Where he ended up is as unexpected as his enlistment decision: the laundry detergent space, a fiercely competitive industry dominated by big brand names producing water-rich products in heavy plastic containers.

    How could a 20-year Army veteran, with no marketable skills other than flying helicopters, break into such a market, let alone aim to completely transform it?

    Chris did and still is with his company, Sheets Laundry Club, and its simple, effective, sustainable, and cost-effective alternative to everyday laundry detergent.

    If you love stories of positive ripple-makers who followed their passions and turned impossible dreams into reality (all while developing a genius new product), this episode is for you!

    Check out Sheets Laundry Club to see more about what Chris and the team are doing.

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