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    Episode 006: Creating A Vision - Clean Juice Founder & CEO Landon Eckles
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    Episode 006: Creating A Vision - Clean Juice Founder & CEO Landon Eckles

    March 2020

    When Clean Juice was still only an idea, Kat & Landon Eckles had an audacious goal of opening 10 stores. Today, with over 90 locations and over 50 more in development, the vision for the company has evolved. In this episode, Landon shares the journey of starting the business, what things are like running a company with a spouse, how to create and adjust a vision for a business, and much more. Landon discusses how profit is not the goal, but it is the outcome. That is due to creating an experience that focuses on the guest instead of the profit margins. 

    Even as Clean Juice continues to grow, they have never strayed from aligning themselves with the right franchise owners who fit what the brand represents. That is probably why the company has hundreds of thousands of followers and fans.Enjoy the wide ranging conversation that goes well beyond business, and be sure to check out Clean Juice on Instagram @cleanjuice . The best place to find Landon is on his LinkedIn.

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