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    Episode 055: Creating Your Ideal Life with Brian Koch
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    Episode 055: Creating Your Ideal Life with Brian Koch

    January 2022

    Brian Koch is a disruptor of ideas. His goal is to help you rethink things in your life. That could be fishing, work life balance, or anything else that is important in your life. Brian does this through how he leads his life.

    Brian has been around hunting most of his life. In an experience he discusses during this episode, Brian grew a passion around educating others on hunting, specifically bird hunting. In order to truly feel like he was an outlier in the industry, Brian immersed himself in a 90 day hunting trip. He and his dogs hunted every single day over 7 states, no matter the weather or conditions. This has led to his adventure, experience, and bird hunting content company- Ultimate Upland.

    Check out Ultimate Upland, subscribe to them on YouTube to see their latest season of Way Upland, and connect with Brian on LinkedIn.

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