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    Episode 072:Creating Positive Impact Through Business with Liz Ward
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    Episode 072:Creating Positive Impact Through Business with Liz Ward

    September 2022




    How do you balance running a profitable business and impacting the world? Enter Liz Ward. Liz is the founder of Give Impact- an advisory services firm focused on affordable housing and upward mobility solutions. Companies have capital or resources and a desire to impact their communities. But nobody was out there to support or help them put those resources to good use. Liz and her team help businesses navigate the complexities of affordable housing to use those resources to support the communities these business owners are passionate about.

    Liz talks about why she didn't go the nonprofit route. She shares how she's shaping working for give impact to be a journey and experience. We discuss putting up boundaries in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not burn yourself out. And we go well into how business leaders can help change their cities or communities. This conversation will get you thinking about how you can use your lot in life to make positive changes around you.

    Follow Liz on LinkedIn and check out Give Impact.

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