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    Episode 045: Successful Companies While Creating Positive Impact- Todd Buelow

    August 2021

    Too many people walk into a room wondering, “How can I sell you?” When he’s not out fishing or on one of his wild adventures, Todd Buelow walks into a room wondering, “How can I help you?”

    That’s not a typical perspective you’ll find in every entrepreneur & CEO running a company of 200 people. Then again, Todd isn’t a typical CEO.

    Todd is a humble, authentic, positive ripple-maker who leads by serving from his heart. He shares in this episode how they differentiate by measuring success differently. Todd discusses balancing exploring life, running businesses, time with family, volunteering, and so much more. And we dive deep into having meaning within businesses.

    If you liked his wife’s episode on our podcast, you’ll love this one too. (Go back & listen to Michelle Tunno Buelow’s episode – another positive ripple-making CEO.)

    Connect with Todd on LinkedIn and check out Dualboot Partners.

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