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    Episode 028: Creating The Best Place To Work In Charlotte
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    Episode 028: Creating The Best Place To Work In Charlotte

    January 2021

    Hylaine CEO Adam Boitnott and Director of Employee Engagement Chrissy Reed join us to share how they built a culture that attracts and retains top talent. Hylaine is a software consulting company that was named The Best Place To Work In Charlotte. 

    In this episode, Adam discusses the creation and growth of Hylaine. Chrissy provides insight to creating a culture where employees can feel truly comfortable and valued. Both go deep on what they do differently and how they set themselves apart.

    Anybody who has ever been interested in tangible strategies around culture, employee retention, talent attraction, or business growth better get their pens and paper ready for this episode.

    Check out Hylaine at their website, connect with Adam and Chrissy on LinkedIn. And be sure to check out the Anything But Typical website.

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