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    Episode 036:Creating The Future and Growing Strategically
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    Episode 036:Creating The Future and Growing Strategically

    April 2021

    Brandon Lindsey is the Founder & CEO at Dream on 3, as well as VP of Operations at Hoopaugh Grading. Throughout the conversation with Brandon, he talks about the pivotal point where he changed his priorities and what was most important in his life. Brandon is helping lead the way to the future at Hoopaugh by being early adapters of technology such as Virtual Reality. Brandon discussed the HGC Academy, a 20,000 square foot facility that houses simulators to train on, training rooms, a podcast studio, and more. By utilizing cutting edge technology, they are able to train employees in a safer, more cost effective, and incredibly effective manner.

    Brandon also discusses growth strategies and lessons learned. We talk about company culture and how to handle integration through an acquisition.

    Check out Hoopaugh  and connect with Brandon on LinkedIn.

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