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    106: LinkedIn, Leadership, and Author Damon Burton
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    106: LinkedIn, Leadership, and Author Damon Burton

    January 2024



    “People follow me for advice, but when I get feedback, it’s more about something business unrelated.” – Damon Burton

    If you don’t know Damon, you may be wondering why over 32,000 people follow him for advice on LinkedIn or flock to read his book, “Outrank.”

    If you do know him, you’ll know why seeking his advice is a no-brainer. This SEO expert has beat million-dollar companies at their own game & offers proven strategies for his audience to grow their companies.

    But good SEO advice isn’t all. That “something” he speaks of makes being in his presence genuinely unique, & it’s the absolute love, adoration, & praise he shares for his wife & children, mirrored in how he sees, commends, & nurtures his team.

    If you’re encouraged by industry leaders who not only upset their industry but unabashedly honor their lives & the people in it, this episode is for you.

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