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    099: Founding & Growing Burn Boot Camp with Devan Kline
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    099: Founding & Growing Burn Boot Camp with Devan Kline

    September 2023





    Devan overcame childhood struggles with the help of baseball driving and motivating him. It helped him stay out of trouble, strive for freedom early in life, and get to college. When Devan made the pros, everything was on track. So, when he got released, Kline needed to figure out what was next.

    With no money and no ability to get a lease, Devan began holding boot camp workouts in parking lots and abandoned theaters. He and his wife, Morgan, saw the impact they were creating and the opportunity in front of them. Burn Boot Camp was born.

    Devan shares with us how they've grown so successfully. He talks about why they didn't bring investors on or make other deals giving up control. He goes into how and why he is constantly working to get away from job titles. This is a must listen episode to learn, be inspired, and grow.

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