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    Episode 033: Disrupting Industries with CEO Chris Nadeau
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    Episode 033: Disrupting Industries with CEO Chris Nadeau

    March 2021

    After a 26 year career in the US Army, Chris Nadeau began the next phase of his career. That military experience steered Chris to prioritize leadership, team building, clear communication, and culture.

    When Chris was suddenly given only 4 hours to choose between uprooting his family again or losing his job, he knew it was time to stop relying on others. And from that, Haversack was born.

    Chris has built Haversack to disrupt the logistics industry. The culture and processes breed innovation, all the way down to explaining to potential employees how they will be expected to fail because they will be pushing the envelope to innovate.

    So the question is, how can we innovate instead of imitate? How can we become a company of 1 instead of a commodity. Check out Chris' episode to find out.

    Check out Haversack and connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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