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    Episode 005: Doing Business The Yellow Tux Way- Jesse Cole, Owner of Savannah Bananas
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    Episode 005: Doing Business The Yellow Tux Way- Jesse Cole, Owner of Savannah Bananas

    February 2020

    If you're in an airport and you see a yellow blur run past you, that's just Jesse Cole on his way to his next speech. This episode will open your eyes to how you can set yourself apart from your competition and industry. Jesse's stories, lessons, and experiences all empower you to stand out by being different and focusing on your fans and clients.

    Fresh out of college, Jesse took over a college wooden bat league baseball team that had no money in the bank account and made it one of the most successful and profitable baseball teams in the country. He did that by realizing that he wasn't in the baseball business, he was in the business of creating memories and experiences. Jesse now owns the Savannah Bananas baseball team. After going in to a stadium that has hosted professional teams that have failed for almost 100 years, the Bananas sell out every single game and have achieved recognition on the national level with ESPN, CNN, and MSNBC featuring their story. The experience their fans receive interacting with the Bananas brand is all the marketing the company needs. If you're ready to find a better way to give your clients the experience they deserve and eliminate your marketing budget, this is the episode for you!Check out Jesse's book, Find Your Yellow Tux. You can hear him on his podcast, Business Done Differently. Be sure to reach out and ask questions after this episode on his LinkedIn. 

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