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    094: The Impact of Free Enterprise with Emilio Guevara
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    094: The Impact of Free Enterprise with Emilio Guevara

    August 2023




    “Just because you live in that environment doesn’t mean the environment has to live in you.” 

    That perspective has served this week's guest, Emilio Guevara, well.

    Born to immigrant parents & growing up in one of the toughest & most devastated neighborhoods of the Bronx, Emilio’s path to success wasn’t handed to him.

    Seven children, the youngest four in a one-bedroom apartment, a blind and alcoholic father, little money, tough streets. The excuses for failure were there.

    But the underlying spirit in the house was one of devotion, commitment, hard work, & a “find a way” attitude that lives in Emilio today.

    Emilio now leads ENYADA INC. & Capitalist Conversations promoting free enterprise through conversations & partnerships with successful entrepreneurs. His humble beginnings are never far from his mind though, & he continues to seek new opportunities, true connection, and joy in all he does.


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