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    Episode 075: Lifelong Entrepreneur & LinkedIn Influencer Steve Wohlenhaus

    October 2022




    When Steve Wohlenhaus was in his early 20's, he started Weatherology. He has run the business for over 35 years. In this episode, Steve discusses working an unpaid internship for 2 years to learn from a mentor. He maintained his priorities and refused to give up his workouts, even when that meant 2:00AM wake ups to get a run in before working. 

    Today, in addition to running the business, Steve is an author, speaker, podcast host, and LinkedIn influencer. He has shifted some of his time to help others find joy and fulfillment in their lives. Steve spends 6 hours a day on self care, reads 60-70 books each year, focuses on getting the greatest amount of life satisfaction.

    Check out Steve's podcast, Anatomy of Success, on every podcast platform. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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