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    Episode 059: When Entrepreneurship Chooses You with Bethany Miller
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    Episode 059: When Entrepreneurship Chooses You with Bethany Miller

    March 2022

    Bethany Miller grew up around entrepreneurship. When she saw her father go through battles such as embezzlement and bankruptcy, she chose a safer path. But her passion for doing good for people shined the light on how she could run a business better than what her clients in the home care industry were currently getting. Today, she owns and runs Aroga Home Care Services.

    Bethany is the epitome of strength and courage. She is completely transparent and vulnerable in this episode as she shares her own trials and tribulations. This is not an entrepreneurship through rose glasses episode. Bethany discusses how she battled cancer, loss, and multiple other hurdles while building her company. She talks about mentorship, peer groups, and how surrounding yourself with others will allow you to succeed.

    Connect with Bethany on LinkedIn, check out Aroga Home Care, and follow Aroga on Instagram @aroga_care.

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