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    Episode 069: Father-Son Duo with Joe & Sean Farrell
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    Episode 069: Father-Son Duo with Joe & Sean Farrell

    July 2022

    Joe Farrell has owned Quality Data Systems, a cash automation company, for over 39 years. Now Sean is CEO. In our conversation, we discuss the dynamics of Sean coming into the business after playing professional baseball. Joe shares his background and how QDS was founded. Sean talks about the awkward size of a company with 85 employees that's leaving the small business arena and moving up to a medium sized business.

    Both discuss building and maintaining the culture in a growing company. How transparency with employees leads to loyalty and empowerment. Joe talks about the creation of Lionheart Charities and how they are positively impacting their communities.

    Be sure to check out Quality Data Systems, and connect with Joe and Sean on LinkedIn.

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