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    Episode 040: Running a Business as a Father/Son Duo
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    Episode 040: Running a Business as a Father/Son Duo

    June 2021

    One of the most common causes for CEO burnout & their company’s growth to stall is EASY to identify but oftentimes very HARD for the CEO (especially if they’re the founder) to face it…

    WAY too many roads dead end at the CEO’s office.

    Oftentimes, they don’t have anyone inside who they feel like can do things as well as they can so they end up doing way too much.

    Before you know it, the company looks more like a one-man-band sideshow than a finely tuned symphony.

    That may have been the case in the very early days at Doerre Construction but Karl Doerre & his son, Matt, have demonstrated how to escape that growth-limiting trap & scale Doerre Construction Company in a healthy & fun way.

    No one-man-bands here. They've got a symphony playing.

    Connect with Karl and Matt on LinkedIn.

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