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    Episode 065: Getting Noticed In The Noise- Marketing & Branding with Andy Pfeiffer

    June 2022

    "You've got to show up in a chicken costume at their front door if you want them to notice you." That was Andy Pfeiffer's sentiment when talking about all of the distractions and things that are vying for our attention today. Andy, Founder and Principal of Arthur Elliott Marketing Group, approaches marketing and branding with his clients in a manner that gets to the root of how you want to be known. He talks in this episode about how they get insight, ideate, and create for their clients. 

    We also go into Andy's evolution of Arthur Elliott. The entrepreneurial journey alone is packed with lessons. So whether you're at a pivotal point in your company's journey, or you're looking to spark ideas around your brand, this is the episode for you. Check out Arthur Elliott, and connect with Andy on LinkedIn.

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