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    Episode 008: Gift Giving In Business, Founder Caleb Musser
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    Episode 008: Gift Giving In Business, Founder Caleb Musser

    April 2020

    As technology progresses, we have all seen the nonstop gimmicks and marketing strategies to win business or close a sale. This episode is throwing the gimmicks away as we discuss how to be thoughtful, attentive, and meaningful in business.

    Caleb Musser founded because he believed that growing a business should not be done by sending cheap swag that instantly ends up in the garbage. His business takes gift giving to an entirely new level with their hyper-personalized gifts to prospects and clients. Even after hearing sayings such as business being all about relationships or providing a unique experience, we see businesses try the manipulative sales techniques from the 80's. This episode will open your eyes to the power of personalizing your process and the success that comes along with thought and meaning.Check out Caleb on LinkedIn and be sure to head to for more inspiration and ideas on gift giving in business.

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