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    Episode 076: From College Tennis to Global Marketing with Jack Burke

    November 2022




    Jack Burke is the CEO & Chief Visionary Officer at BRK Global Marketing. He’s been running the business for almost 32 years. In addition, Jack is the Founder and President of A Big Heart Foundation. Yet, it all started with a $3,000 limit Sears credit card. From his days playing Division 1 Tennis, Jack learned to keep a tight schedule, balance multiple responsibilities, and master his time management. Jack also posed the question: When you lose the first set, how do you walk of the court a winner?

    Jack has taken this mentality to flourish in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Seeing his father be self employed, Burke began his entrepreneurial journey shoveling driveways, cutting lawns, and stringing tennis rackets as a kid. He began a t shirt company is college. Follow along this episode to hear the rest of his journey and share in the lessons he learned along the way.

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