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    Episode 025: Going Live with The King Of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer
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    Episode 025: Going Live with The King Of Sales Jeffrey Gitomer

    December 2020

    If you are in sales or running a business, there's a good chance you've heard on Jeffrey Gitomer. You've probably read one of his 16 #1 Best Sellers, heard him speak, or more recently go live every day on social media. Jeffrey discusses how going live on his platforms at 9:59am EST until 10:30 every day has doubled his following and increased his sales.

    Jeffrey has a new book coming out called Go Live, Turn Virtual Connections Into Paying Customers. In this episode we dive in to the lessons within the book, his writing process, mistakes most salespeople and business leaders make, and much more.

    Jeffrey also gets tactical by offering specific resources to connect on a deeper level with customers, becoming more memorable, and being able to achieve on your terms.

    Check out Jeffrey at to pre-order his new book, listen to his podcast Sell or Die, and follow Jeffrey on LinkedIn, as well as Instagram @JeffreyGitomer and Twitter @Gitomer.

    Then head over to to check out every episode, business clips from the show, and much more.

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