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    084: Growing Your Sales with Jim Dunn
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    084: Growing Your Sales with Jim Dunn

    March 2023




    Steered by faith and authenticity, Jim Dunn has been helping businesses grow for many years. After running his own Sandler Sales Franchise, Jim is now the Director of BGW Growth Services. A common hurdle Jim has faced when working with business owners is their fear of failure. “You cannot grow unless you’re willing to fail.” In this episode, Jim shares how he gets leaders out of their comfort zones and out of their own ways.

    Jim began his entrepreneurial ways in a way you see in movies or read about in books. Jim sold lemonade and cut yards. He learned how to save money early. He studied vocabulary cassettes to improve how he communicated. The self development has yet to stop for Jim Dunn.

    In this episode, not only will you learn through Jim’s experience. You will also hear Jim discuss specific strategies and tactics he uses with business leaders like yourself.


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