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    Episode 002: Growing With Purpose- CEO Charlie Malouf
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    Episode 002: Growing With Purpose- CEO Charlie Malouf

    January 2020

    Today's episode is all about Growing With Purpose. We couldn't have asked for a better guest than Charlie Malouf, CEO of Broad River Retail, DBA Ashley HomeStore. Charlie takes us through his journey and gets authentic about the difficult decisions that come with running a business with a purpose. He shared how the culture of Broad River has led to a purpose focused business; not a company growing just for the sake of growth. A theme throughout the episode is taking responsibility as a leader of an organization. Charlie stressed the need of having a pulse on what's going on inside the business with employees as well as the customer experience.Be sure to reach out to Charlie on LinkedIn. Also see how Broad River Retail is living their purpose.Connect with Gary Frey and Ben McDonald

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