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    Episode 018: Handling Risk In Your Organization, Founder Vanessa Vaughn Mathews

    September 2020

    Vanessa Vaughn Mathews was sitting in her car, when within seconds the winds picked up, things were flying past her windows, and a lady was holding on to a lamp post to prevent herself from flying away. This experience changed Vanessa's perspective on crises and led her down a career path of risk management.

    After working for The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Lowe's, and Gulfstream Aerospace, Vanessa founded a business resilience advisory firm. In this conversation, Vanessa lays out how companies should be preparing for crises ahead of time, how to handle an unexpected issue, and how to appropriately build a diverse and inclusive work culture. Vanessa also dives in to the racial discrimination within our country, what we can be doing about it, and how business leaders should be responding.To learn more about Vanessa, connect with her on LinkedIn , check out Asfalis Advisors, or on social media @AsfalisAdvisors.

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