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    109: Insights From a Private Investigator with Jan Barefoot
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    109: Insights From a Private Investigator with Jan Barefoot

    January 2024



    “So much of what I gain is from helping people in bad situations. Our clients, 95% of them are going through the worst time in their life.” – Jan Barefoot

    It isn’t unusual to hear firefighters or police officers talk about serving others on their worst days. Still, Jan Barefoot doesn’t wear a uniform or jump into action following a 911 call. She isn’t a first responder at all.

    But she just might be the brains behind figuring out who’s to blame for the chaos.

    This former legal secretary with a passion for detective work & justice is the woman behind one of the Carolina’s most established & rapidly growing private investigation firms. Suspected adultery, fraud, missing persons, extortion, you name it, Jan’s team tackles it all & has earned the respect & admiration of clients & top law firms alike.

    What’s her secret? Serving clients with humility & never allowing ethics to take a back seat to financial success.

    That’s a lesson for any entrepreneur.

    Connect with Jan at or on LinkedIn.

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