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    088: Reebok Founder Joe Foster on Creating and Expanding a Global Brand

    April 2023




    As a grandson of the legendary J.W. Foster growing up in Bolton, England, running seemed to be in Joe Foster’s blood.

    Little did Joe know that winning an American “Webster’s New School & Office Dictionary” in a race at age seven would make a South African antelope synonymous with a multi-billion-dollar international shoe brand – Reebok.

    Joe proved that while he may not have been blessed with the DNA of a world-class runner, he was blessed with the DNA of a world-class “improver,” & his book, “Shoemaker,” is an excellent testimony of that fact.

    If you love shoes or, more importantly, stories of positive ripple-makers who’ve run their unique race against all odds, multiple setbacks, heartaches, & challenges, this episode is for you! Enjoy Joe's story of starting, establishing, and growing Reebok.

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