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    104: Operating Business Through Private Equity
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    104: Operating Business Through Private Equity

    December 2023





    A quick message first: We had audio issues for the first 16 minutes of the show. We cleaned it up as much as possible, but you'll notice a difference. Apologies for that!

    "It's really about fit & relationship." — Brad Batten

    When Johannes Zwick & Bradley Batten first met at Davidson College, neither imagined a future as partners in private equity. But these fraternity brothers turned friends had important partnership traits in common: integrity, ambition, diligence, & love for people.

    Most importantly, they recognized & respected those qualities in each other.

    (By the way, if you can't believe these traits are being used to describe private equity investors, you're in for a treat. These guys are unexpected—you know, “anything but typical!”)

    Johannes & Brad turned their love for business & their focus on fit & relationship into a one-of-a-kind private equity firm. Today, they invest financially & operationally in small businesses eager to scale & do so while preserving each company's employees, culture, & core values.

    Forget everything you know about rip, strip, & flip private equity firms. These guys represent "investment with heart & purpose."



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