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    103: NASCAR Pit Crew Leader to Entrepreneur & Author
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    103: NASCAR Pit Crew Leader to Entrepreneur & Author

    November 2023





    “I would love for people to one day, potentially, say that Mike put a piece of God in them… This is the goal of my life.” — Michael Metcalf Jr. 

Mike doesn’t mince words when it comes to his perspective on life. Maybe it’s because he witnessed the unthinkable as a young child or faced physical adversity on the football field at App State. Maybe his grandmother, “the smartest person I ever met”, provided much inspiration. We’ll never know.

    What we do know is this: Mike is a transparent, vulnerable, reflective leader who seeks out the good in individuals as he builds effective teams, & his perspective is so refreshing & life-giving to organizations that companies big and small chomp at the bit for a sliver of his time.

    Is now a good time to mention he’s a NASCAR pit crew leader by trade? (Bet you weren’t expecting that!)

    If you love stories of unexpected journeys & finding purpose in all you do, check out this podcast, Mike's book 12 Second Leadership, and his company, DECK Leadership. 


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