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    Episode 057: From Mortgages to Repossessions with Brent Hulderman
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    Episode 057: From Mortgages to Repossessions with Brent Hulderman

    February 2022

    Brent Hulderman is the owner of Absolute Recovery and Pitbull Keys. But before Brent was in the repossession business, he was in the mortgage industry. And Brent experienced the brunt of the financial recession. You're faced with a crossroads in your life. How do you handle it? Brent was proactive and:

    • Did some research on a recession-resistant industry (like vehicle repossession)
    • Found someone who was in that business
    • Joined them in their tow truck for some “ride-along” experiences
    • Bought a tow truck – even though he'd never driven a tow truck before

    Brent has come a long way since those early days in the cab when he darted in to pick up vehicles delinquent in their payments (while encountering substantial risk) and running his two businesses today. His journey is enlightening, insightful, & anything but typical.

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