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    Episode 049: Navigating Entrepreneurship and Citizenship with Jimmy Molina
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    Episode 049: Navigating Entrepreneurship and Citizenship with Jimmy Molina

    October 2021

    When Jimmy Molina came to the United States for college from Colombia, he was only able to work on campus since he was an international student. Jimmy takes us through his journey of having to get different internships and multiple Master's degrees simply to stay in the United States while trying to get residency. 

    Jimmy grew up in Colombia without disposable income. There were many days when he had to choose how to spend the money his mother gave him. Does he eat dinner or does he take the public transportation home? So when he faced hurdles in the United States, Jimmy was prepared for the hard work and hustle it would take to succeed.

    From childhood to homesick college student-athlete, to owner of a real estate investment company and the restaurant The Local Room. Jimmy talks about the lessons he's learned, how he prioritizes what is most important to him, and how he has been able to navigate all of the hoops he has had to jump through.

    Check out Jimmy of Twitter @JDMolina398, The Local Room @LocalRoomLocust on Instagram, and Jimmy on LinkedIn.

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