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    Episode 024: Navigating Two Businesses Through A Pandemic with Erin Padgett
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    Episode 024: Navigating Two Businesses Through A Pandemic with Erin Padgett

    December 2020

    Sitting in a Five Guys burger restaurant in August 2013, Erin Padgett began scribbling a business plan for her first company on the back of her receipt. The top half of the receipt focused on the four things she needed: a name, logo, website, and making it a legal entity. The bottom half of the receipt was who she wanted to be as a business owner and who she wanted to serve. What was going to differentiate her and her business?

    Now going in to her 8th year as a business owner, Erin owns and runs Erin Padgett Events as well as Bluebird Bridal. In this episode, she talks about balancing the day to day operations of a service business and a retail company. We dive in to how her team has allowed her to focus on the business that needs her most in that moment without worrying about the other falling apart. Erin walks us through her rebranding of Bluebird Bridal. And with companies serving the events and wedding industries, she shares how she has led her businesses through the pandemic.

    Have a pen and notepad ready to take notes on this one. Erin is an unbelievable example of an anything but typical entrepreneur.

    Check her out on Instagram @Erinpadgettevents and @BluebirdbridalNC. Check out the web sites of both Bluebird Bridal and Erin Padgett Events.

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