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    Episode 014: Navigating Your Next Season- Founder Mark Linsz
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    Episode 014: Navigating Your Next Season- Founder Mark Linsz

    July 2020

    Mark Linsz helped safely steer Bank of America through the worst of the financial crisis as Corporate Treasurer. He now uses this experience, along with leadership roles within Bank of America on 3 continents, as Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner at My Next Season.

    My Next Season serves individuals that are going through a transition in their lives and careers. In this podcast episode, Mark shares the most important tips for anybody attempting to navigate a transition. He breaks down his large corporate America leadership experience and what has played a role in his startup. Mark dives deep on lessons learned from living and working on different continents. He elaborates on purpose and how that can serve as a north star in your career.Tune in for priceless insight on how you can retrain your mindset around your career and life. Check out Mark on LinkedIn and look in to My Next Season as well.

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