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    Episode 071: Networking & Mergers and Acquisitions with Torrey Wood
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    Episode 071: Networking & Mergers and Acquisitions with Torrey Wood

    August 2022




    Torrey Wood, Founder & CEO of M&A Financing Services, finishes the podcast talking about making it easy to prioritize what's most important in your life. Whether it's family and faith in Torrey's case, or whatever it may be for you, prioritization is a key theme in this episode.

    Torrey learned early on in his career not to listen to other people. He believed in his vision and set out to achieve it despite those doubting him. Part of how Torrey had success was through building an elite network. Yet, his style of networking isn't the transactional manner you associate with the word. Torrey Wood has build his network through authenticity, generosity, and providing value to others without expectation of reciprocity.

    Enjoy this episode to learn more about how you can do well while doing well for others. Connect with Torrey on LinkedIn and check out M&A Financing Services.

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