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    110: Purpose Driven Capitalism with Palash Desai
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    110: Purpose Driven Capitalism with Palash Desai

    February 2024



    “It’s really important that people think of me, in general, as a good person…more than any other professional or personal success that I’ve had.” – Palash Desai

    When Palash graduated from college with an engineering degree & later a Cornell University graduate degree, running a small cleaning company in Charlotte, NC, wasn’t part of his vision. The Silicon Valley & its promises of millions in dot com riches were all he could see.

    But a transformative experience in Africa, working on what was arguably the hardest project of his career, clarified his purpose: to build a highly profitable & sustainable business that could effectively address the needs of its community.

    Income inequality & lack of social mobility nagged at his conscience. A thriving cleaning business paying extraordinary wages to its people could be part of the solution. So, he built it.

    He is living proof that capitalism & humanity can exist hand-in-hand, & blazing your own entrepreneurial trail is the way to do it.

    Connect with him on LinkedIn or at

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