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    105: Renee Breazeale is Dominating a Male-Dominated Industry
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    105: Renee Breazeale is Dominating a Male-Dominated Industry

    December 2023



    It’s easy to look at Renee & think that the comforts of Easy Street & a golden parachute allowed her to build the 13th largest woman-owned business in the Charlotte area & the only woman-owned industrial business in Union County (not to mention authoring a book & forming a foundation), but nothing could be further from the truth.

    A small-town girl introduced first to banking & then manufacturing sales, Renee created a name for herself in a male-dominated industry by working hard & maintaining her integrity. Where others took shortcuts (morally & otherwise), she sought higher ground.

    Amidst incredible challenges, including domestic violence, a brain tumor that put her in a wheelchair, and the harsh economies of the Great Recession and COVID lockdowns, Renee forged her business into the industry forefront. Perhaps most importantly, she retained her humanity, positivity, & love for good – qualities fueling the purpose of her life’s next chapter: giving back.

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