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    090: How Roger Braswell Built His Business To a 9-Figure Exit to Home Depot

    May 2023




    Most entrepreneurs dream about growing their businesses, having a successful exit, taking a company public, and much more.

    Today's guest, Roger Braswell, has done it all. Roger was the Founder & CEO of Compact Power Equipment. In this episode, we talk about how Roger created and grew the business. He discusses the obstacles faced along the way and how that ultimately led to even greater success. Roger IPO'd Compact Power, and eventually sold to Home Depot for $265 million.

    You may think Roger sailed off in the sunset after that. Instead, we find Roger being the Owner & Chairman of The Southern Shade Tree Company, Chairman of The Integra Group, Chairman of Give Hope Global, and serving as a business advisor.

    Check out Give Hope Global after this episode.

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